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I built this website some years ago, but it had no “blog” attached to it. It was just a political platform that I never used, never publicized, and only sparingly maintained.

Last week, something happened that crystallized for me a growing desire to express myself politically, somehow, somewhere. So I decided to start an explicitly political blog. What better place for it than as an adjunct to my moribund political platform website?

I already maintain two personal blogs. One is for my creative writing, for journaling my day-to-day life, for photos I take and things I do and for my friends and family to see what I’m up to. Another blog is for my hobby community, where I prefer not to be “too transparent” in my online persona.

But in both blogs, I deliberately refrain from overt political statements. Part of the problem is that my friends and family are ideologically diverse – and I’d prefer not to alienate any of them with my own strongly held political opinions. Lately, too, I actually live somewhat in fear that if my neighbors, friends and coworkers knew my actual political stances, it could put me at risk of – for lack of a better word – “ostracism” – if not something worse, like losing a job or not being able to call on neighbors for help in a time of need.

The crystallizing event was conversation which I witnessed at work, between a coworker and a local resident. The local resident and my coworker, call them L. and J., were discussing the first presidential debate, between Biden and Trump (they are both Trump supporters, wearing buttons and with bumper stickers on their cars).

J. said, “You have to be ready – I know it’s scary, but you know, Biden might steal the election.”

L. said, with a dead-serious face that brooked no argument, “It’s gonna hit the fan. We need to start rounding up democrats and shooting them, now.” This is not an idle threat from L. – a well known gun collector and local 2nd amendment nut.

They looked to me for endorsement, as if this were an unassailable proposition.

I had to say nothing. Pick your battles. Don’t jeopardize your work relationships with political argument. Even my silence was probably viewed as problematic.

I was stewing inside. I need to have some kind of outlet to discuss these issues.

I must be clear. L. and J. are perfectly kind and reasonable people, in many respects. Indeed, my coworker has been generous to a fault with me personally, and is remarkably “live and let live” with respect to the people actually encountered day-to-day. Yet when confronted with a monstrous, amorphous other, “democrats,” baser instincts apparently kick in.

To those reading: if I have sent you a link to this, it’s because I trust you and need to express myself. I actually want you to share – on facebook or other social media or political forums. But, please do not link my name to this website. I’m going to run this blog anonymously.

I don’t know how often I’ll post here. I expect I might post fairly often for the next few months, as the election plays out. I might let it fall dormant again, after that.

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  1. I have read all of the links to this blog. I find myself in nearly full agreement with all of your positions and in awe of your ability to articulate all of this. I do not consider myself a libertarian because I feel the government has a duty and a right to offer both protections and controls on the behavior of its citizens. But the line really fuzzies out when the protections and controls get out of whack, like failing to control gun nuts, failing to guarantee equal civil rights, and criminalizing social protest or immigration. I’m currently not up to engaging in a deeper discussion just now, but want to offer my support and admiration.

    As I think you know, I am a Board Member and a twenty-year participant in a group called Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP). Our slogan is ” Religious Communities Must Stop Blessing War and Violence”. We have been meeting every Friday Morning since 9/11/01. We have a practice of taking turns opening each meeting with a “reflection”, and I am up for this in a couple of weeks. Your statement of belief as expressed here is something I would love to share with this group as my reflection. Could I have your permission to do so? I could make it anonymous and I could request that it not be published on our website. I would be glad to “own it” but not take credit for it.
    What do you think.. I have save all of this to my documents and trust that this will not compromise you in any way.

    In recent months I have been sporting “black lives matter” signs on my truck. No blowback yet, but there is a risk. In other locales there could be risk. When I married in Little Rock in 1962, I chose to remove a sticker on my truck that said “my neighbor may be of any race, religion or nationality”, something I picked up during my Berkeley years. I removed it because it was not a good time to fight that battle.

    Your description of your neighbors gives me some insight about your circumspection about being on Facebook, particularly if any of your local friends and neighbors are Facebook friends. They could become alarmed if they got wind of the postings of your leftist friends and relatives. I too have an awareness that there are Trumpsters who, on the face of their daily lives, are good people and good neighbors. In my view it is a highly troubling disconnect between acceptable social behavior and the willingness to shoot one’s political adversaries.

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