Seventh Post

Here is are three quotes that I like, found online.

“I’m thinking that one of the worst things about surviving a nuclear war would be finding yourself in a society organized and dominated by the kind of people who optimize their lives around surviving a nuclear war.” – A person named Kalimac commenting on Scott Alexander’s blog, Astral Codex Ten.

“This is war, after all. If it feels good, consider for a moment you might be evil.” – Mike Solana (on his blog Pirate Wires)

“You got 1 percent of the population in America who owns 41 percent of the wealth… but within the black community, the top 1 percent of black folk have over 70 percent of the wealth. So that means you got a lot of precious Jamals and Letitias who are told to live vicariously through the lives of black celebrities so that it’s all about ‘representation’ rather than substantive transformation… ‘you gotta black president, all y’all must be free.’” – Cornel West